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Are snow globes toxic to dogs?

Our question this week was:

Dr. Debra ā€“ my snow globe was knocked over and my dog may have played with it. I had one left out from Christmas. Are snow globes a problem?


Jayson C. ā€“ Minneapolis MN


Jayson, thanks for your email. You wrote asking if snow globes are toxic. The answer is yes, they can be. Many snow globes contain antifreeze, which is toxic to both dogs and cats. Antifreeze can cause kidney failure and death.

If the snow globe broke and you think there is any possibility your dog drank any of the liquid, then Iā€™d recommend that you call your veterinarian immediately. The risk is considerable if antifreeze was in it and he drank enough to be a toxic dose. If it has been a short period of time a go, your veterinarian may recommend that you induce vomiting in your dog to remove any liquids he may have ingested. If it has been more than a few hours but less than 12 hours, he may want to run a test to determine if there are any toxins (ethylene glycol) her his blood.

Clean up the area well, dilute the area with water and wash really well. Prevent access to that are until it is dry.

For more information on antifreeze toxicity ā€“ please read Ethylene Glycol Toxicosis in Dogs.

Dr. Debra

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