Are Water Bottle Toys Safe?

Are Water Bottle Toys Safe?

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Has your dog ever chewed on an empty water bottle? Lots of dogs do. They can’t resist the popping/crunching sound the plastic makes when they chew it. But the sharp edges from the bottle’s broken plastic can create a real health hazard for your dog, often slicing his gums and mouth. Make sure also your dog does not chew up or swallow pieces of plastic including the lid. This can cause a life-threatening gastrointestinal obstruction.

My staff and I are always on the lookout for the best new dog toys, so we’ve tested plenty of chew toys over the years. We love bottle toys such as the Bottle Crunchers. The idea behind this toy is very smart, and dogs just LOVE it!

Bottle Crunchers were designed to give your dog all of the fun of chewing empty water bottles … without the danger. These brightly colored protective “sleeves” look like cute little critters – an adorable alligator and one very cool cat. They fit snuggly around an empty water bottle. As your dog chews, the bottle inside makes all those wonderful crunching noises he loves, but the protective sleeve keeps the sharp edges from cutting his mouth. Secure Velcro closures keep the empty bottle tucked safely inside while your dog chews to his heart’s delight. It really is an ingenious idea.

And Bottle Crunchers can be refilled. Just listen … when they toy gets “quiet,” you’ll know that your dog has pretty much destroyed the empty water bottle inside. Just pull open the Velcro tabs and pop in a new bottle.

And Bottle Crunchers clean up nicely. When they become soiled with slobber or dirt, just pop off the covers and throw them in the wash.

A recent search showed availability of Bottle Crunchers on Ebay and Amazon.

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