Ask Dr. Debra – Answers to Previous Dog Questions

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Here are answers from our previous “Ask Dr. Debra” Questions. We hope they help you find the answer you need.

Dr. Debra will choose ten questions a week.

Food Questions

When should I change from puppy food to adult food?
What should I feed my puppy?
How much to feed a puppy?
Can I give beer to my dog?
My dog ate foil!
Vitamin deficiency?
My mother’s Yorkie is a very picky eater
Is it ok to feed my dog hot dogs?
French fries instead of dog food for my dog?
Nutritional Recipe Needed
Is flax seed oil good for dog’s hair coats?
Is cottage cheese good for my dog?
Are cooked eggs okay for dogs?

What is the Green Bean Diet for Dogs – Does it work?
Can dogs eat tomatoes or olives?
Do you have a good recipe for canine peanut butter treats?
Can tryptofan in turkey affect dogs?
Can I give raw liver or something else to help my anemic dog?

Food Recall Questions

Dog affected by the food recall?
Recall on pig ears dog treats
Recalled food and kidney failure symptoms in a dog
Sparky died from eating recalled dog food
Is there a recall on Jerky Dog and Cat Treats?
Do you have any information about a new ALPO Dog Food recall?
My pet may have eaten some of the recalled food
How are veterinarians treating pets affected with kidney failure?
My dog ate recalled food but is fine
What is the difference between kidney and renal failure?
What is Wheat Gluten?
Does a plastic dry dog food container pose risks?
Food Recall only in the United States?
Any new foods recalled since the beginning of April?
Has melamine been determined to actually CAUSE illness in pets?
Pet food recall question
Information about Chicken Recall
What is the human risk from eating food containing melamine?
Food Recall Question: What is the melamine and cyanuric acid interaction
Why are Chinese ingredients being used in pet foods?
Mailman gives dog treats – what if they were recalled?
How to Stop Kidney Damage
June 2007 – Are there any new food recalls?


Behavior Questions

My puppy is nipping when I play with him – what should I do?
I am having trouble housetraining my puppy – what should I do?
What is the best way to get my puppy not to jump up on guests?
How should I introduce my puppy to my other adult dogs?
How should I introduce my new baby to my puppy?
How should I introduce my new dog to my cat?
Great Dane digging in the yard
Dogs that beg
Not house-trained pup, can we leave him outside?
How do I stop my dog from digging holes and chewing everything?
Screaming in crate
My dog wets when he gets excited
Is it safe for my puppy to chew on sticks and hickory nuts?
One year old German Shorthaired Pointer eating feces
My dog doesn’t want to play anymore
Help with my Jack Russell
Dangerous chewing habits
Puppy jumping up on everyone
My dog has recently started to eat dog poop
Separation anxiety in a Boxer
Lhasa Apso started snapping at child
Advice on Treating a Tail Chasing Dog
Advice for big dog with thunderstorm fears
Dog with prey instinct – killed cat
How do we Deal with Separation Anxiety in our Dog?
Chocolate lab acting aggressive – will neutering help?
How do you motivate a lazy basset hound?
Can you use a muzzle to control barking?
How do I get my dog to stop barking?
How do dogs react to the death of another dog?
Can an Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky be socialized around the family cat?

General Questions

Should I board my puppy when leaving on vacation?
How do I choose a safe toy for my puppy?
We found a puppy but don’t know how old he is. How can I tell?
My dog was sprayed by a skunk, what should I do?
I lost my dog – what do you recommend that I do to find him?
Found a four year old dog. What should I do?
Wind chills and dogs
Catnip and puppies
Bad Vet Service
Dog toys – Can they be cleaned?
Can dogs be gay?
Why do you support breeders?
Boarding our Newfoundland puppy
Do dogs have souls?
My dog’s ear smell bad
Is drinking pool water bad for my dog?
When do dog’s testicles drop?
Do dog’s voices “change” as they enter puberty?
Do you like the GPS for Dogs?
Is it safe for a dog to play with cat toys?
Does dog hair harbor bacteria?
I believe in pet insurance, do you?
What is the history of the pug?
Do dogs remember?
What does BDLD mean?
Is mistletoe bad for dogs?
Do you think black labs are a good choice for families?
Will eating bubble gum hurt my dog?
Are Christmas tree pine needles toxic?
My dog and cat are afraid of the vacuum – what should I do?
My dog ate my engagement ring – what do I do?
Where can I get the best pet insurance?
Can you use lead testing kits for testing pet products?


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