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Health Questions

When does my puppy need shots?
Does my dog really need heartworm prevention?
When should my puppy go on heartworm prevention?
How can I tell if my puppy is sick?
My puppy is vomiting, what should I do?
What are common toxins that could hurt my puppy?
Why do some puppies have their tails cut off?
My labrador has mange
My puppy gets car sick
House trained dog urinating inside the house
My dog was shot.
My puppy is sick, wont eat and is very weak.
Rhodesian Ridgeback with mast cell tumor.
German shepherd male marking furniture.
My 6 weeks old puppy’s gums are white?
Collapse in Dogs
Insect bite in a puppy
My dog has cancer, please help!
Head Tremors
Sick Rotweiller
My dog is not eating, or having a bowel movement
My dog ate chocolate
Collapsing Trachea in a Yorkie
My dog ate a tampon
Death of a companion
German shepherd with ear problems
Italian greyhound with lack of appetite
Bleeding from the urinary tract?
Liver cancer in Labrador retriever
German shepherd with pneumonia
Injured Dewclaw
Stumbling puppy
Lump on Italian Greyhound
Smelly Dog
Painful defecation in my dog
Canine kidney problems- kidney transplant
Labrador drinking a lot
Dog with small cell tumor
Dog licks herself
Sudden enlargement of the eye
Yorkie with bloody stool
Dog having trouble breathing
The vet said my dog might have a muffled heart
9 year old Doberman producing milk from her nipples
Maltese ate a butane lighter
Tick on my Weimaraner
Sick dog – vomiting and vaginal bleeding
Inbreeding in Dogs
Dog having Flatulence
Golden retriever is very lethargic and is falling over
Pitbull with difficult breathing
My 5-year-old hybrid wolf is not eating
Health of an older Boxer female
Question about Kennel Cough
Limber tail syndrome
Should we have a splenectomy done on our dog?
Large portion of dog’s liver is missing
Dog diagnosed with a stroke
What can we give our dog to help with constipation?
Golden puppy with hip or leg problem
My dog was diagnosed with jaundice
Dog with congestive heart failure


Lhasa Apso started snapping at child
Collie with skin bacterial infections
My dog’s ear smell bad
Dog had dental surgery, most teeth removed
Collie with skin bacterial infections
English bulldog that had pyometra
Dog with a cough
Retinal Detachment in a Dog – Advice for Blind Dogs
Advice on dog with white things in stool
Chronic nasal discharge in a dog
Why has my dog lost 10 kilograms?
What is mange and do I have to put my dog to sleep?
My vet says my dog has a knee luxation. What does that mean?
Dangers of plug-in air fresheners
What are your thoughts on IMHA in dogs?
Tips for old dogs with hearing problems that can be startled and act aggressive
Are Self-cleaning Oven Fumes Toxic to Dogs?

My Lab was in our Yard and Is Now Limping – What should I do?
I have an ethical Poop Problem – I need advice
My dog was hit with a broom. Can dogs get headaches?
Is there any way to stop lymphoma leukemia?
May dog has a collapsing trachea or another problem?
Boston Terrier licking at her vagina – why is this?
When is a dog in labor?
My dog has mucous diarrhea every 2 hours, what should I do?
What can I give my dog for constipation?
How many cigarette butts are toxic?
What will happen if my dog has a kidney removed?
What is Degenerative Myelopathy that German Shepherd dogs get?
My dog has blood in his stool – what should I do?
My dog got mastitis after her litter – is it okay to breed her?
Are collies sensitive to heartworm prevention drugs?
What is a heart murmur?
Is there a Vaccine for Dog Cancer?
How do I “sling” my dog to help him walk?
Are raisins toxic?
Is my dog at risk for bloat?
Should I Avoid Getting a dog with Patellar Problems?
My dog has parvo – should he be fed through a tube?
Can yard chemicals cause my dog to seizure?
What is DIC – Disseminated intravascular coagulation?
When to get another dog and what is the best way to clean up after Parvo?
How do you treat a dog with arthritis?
How do you clean up after Canine Influenza Virus?
Should my dog’s inguinal hernia be fixed?
What is Renal Dysplasia?
Why would a dog nip at backside near the tail?
My dog always vomits after he eats one particular treat – what should I do?
What is Garbage Gut?
Why does my dog bleed a little bit when he poops?
My King Charles Cavalier had a seizure and has a high WBC – Why?
My dog had this episode when he was snorting – I thought he was suffocating
What is Salmon Poisoning?
Dr. Debra – what is seborrhea?
How do you stop an episode of reverse sneezing? Do dogs shake when they have a fever?
I need information on Atkinson’s Disease (Addison’s Disease)
Do you know of any home therapies for Sebaceous Adenitis in dogs?
Head shaking – ear problem?
Can dogs get the MRSA that is in the news?
Do you think my dog has a snakebite?
What is Swamp Fever in Dogs?
My dog ate some diphenylmethane diisocyanate glue – is it dangerous?
How do I get superglue off my dog?
My dog ate a brownie – will he be okay?
My dog has swollen lips and eyes
How do I build up my dog’s immune system?
If you have a dog with mange would it affect us humans?
How do dogs adjust to an amputation?
Diabetic problems and stroke in a dog
How can I tell if my dog is having a seizure?
My lab came home drooling and clumsy – why?
My dog had puppies and is now loosing weight urinating blood. Why?
Lab with lump that is oozing
My dog just had a seizure for the first time – what should I do?
Can you do an ultrasound to tell if a dog has been neutered?
Why is my dog itching?
How can I relieve my dog’s temperature?
What is the prognosis of a dog paralyzed in the rear legs (IVDD)?
What do you know about Masticatory Muscle Myositis?
Why is my dog is salivating and licking at her mouth?
Should I take my dog into the vet for diarrhea?
My dog has two large lumps on his throat – what could it be?

Puppy Questions

Sick puppy choking on milk and trouble breathing
Do canine teeth in puppies grow back?
Puppy won’t eat his food – what should I do?
What should I feed my puppy?
When is a puppy considered an adult?
My puppy has urinary incontinence and is itching her vagina
Do puppies need to be vaccinated before having contact with other dogs?
Is four weeks to young to potty train a dog?
When do puppies stop teething?
When do puppies open their eyes?
When Can I begin feeding puppy food to my puppies?
How can I help my two-month-old Poodle puppy that is straining to defecate?

Understanding Your Dog Questions

How long does a normal puppy sleep?
Are dogs color blind?
Is it a Male or female puppy?
why some dogs would have one blue eye and one brown eye?
Does a dog have a fever if its nose is hot?
Could my 12 year old female be pregnant?
Yorkie with high-pitched barking
Can all dogs swim?

Wellness Questions

How long is a dog pregnant?
My poodle is pregnant, what type of environment does she need?
Dog allergic to vaccinations
Female dog in heat and what to do?
Why would a new mother eat her newborn puppies?
Pregnant dog in labor
Normal vitals for a dog
Should senior dogs get shots and can they cause breathing problems?
Confused about microchips – which is best?
Old shepherd with bad teeth – should he have a dental?
When do dogs get their periods?
When is the right time to euthanize my dog?
What vaccines does my adult dog REALLY need?
My dog is moving her puppies – what should I do?
How can I safely wash dried tears from my dog’s eyes?
Why is my dog’s fur more pigmented around his mouth and on the paws?
Is it normal for a dog’s tooth to fall out?
How can I protect my dog’s belly from nursing pups that are scratching her?
At what age can you mate a male Chihuahua?
Why Can’t I give vaccines to my pets myself?


Enalapril Reaction
Small puppy got into my diabetes pill
Over the counter people pain meds for dogs
Topical antibiotics for a puppy
Advil for your dog?
Are lethargy and sleepiness side effects of Advantage?
Can steroids and/or Cephalexin cause a dog to seizure?
Does Orbax cause hairloss?
What are alternatives to treating or preventing ticks?
My Dog has heart disease and is on Pimobendan. What is Pimobendan?
Do you know of a cheaper source for the drug carvedilol?
Can dogs take ibuprofen for arthritis?
Can a 13-year-old dog start taking heartworm medication for the first time?
What is a keratolytic shampoo for dogs?
What are antibacterial shampoos?
Have you had experience with Ethos Endymion Bright Eyes Drops for Pet Cataracts?
Is this dose of cephalexin okay for my dog?


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