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Puppy Questions

Sick puppy choking on milk and trouble breathing
Do canine teeth in puppies grow back?
Puppy won't eat his food – what should I do?
What should I feed my puppy?
When is a puppy considered an adult?
My puppy has urinary incontinence and is itching her vagina
Do puppies need to be vaccinated before having contact with other dogs?
Is four weeks to young to potty train a dog?
When do puppies stop teething?
When do puppies open their eyes?
When Can I begin feeding puppy food to my puppies?
How can I help my two-month-old Poodle puppy that is straining to defecate?

Understanding Your Dog Questions

How long does a normal puppy sleep?
Are dogs color blind?
Is it a Male or female puppy?
why some dogs would have one blue eye and one brown eye?
Does a dog have a fever if its nose is hot?
Could my 12 year old female be pregnant?
Yorkie with high-pitched barking
Can all dogs swim?

Wellness Questions

How long is a dog pregnant?
My poodle is pregnant, what type of environment does she need?
Dog allergic to vaccinations
Female dog in heat and what to do?
Why would a new mother eat her newborn puppies?
Pregnant dog in labor
Normal vitals for a dog
Should senior dogs get shots and can they cause breathing problems?
Confused about microchips – which is best?
Old shepherd with bad teeth – should he have a dental?
When do dogs get their periods?
When is the right time to euthanize my dog?
What vaccines does my adult dog REALLY need?
My dog is moving her puppies – what should I do?
How can I safely wash dried tears from my dog's eyes?
Why is my dog's fur more pigmented around his mouth and on the paws?
Is it normal for a dog's tooth to fall out?
How can I protect my dog's belly from nursing pups that are scratching her?
At what age can you mate a male Chihuahua?
Why Can't I give vaccines to my pets myself?


Enalapril Reaction
Small puppy got into my diabetes pill
Over the counter people pain meds for dogs
Topical antibiotics for a puppy
Advil for your dog?
Are lethargy and sleepiness side effects of Advantage?
Can steroids and/or Cephalexin cause a dog to seizure?
Does Orbax cause hairloss?
What are alternatives to treating or preventing ticks?
My Dog has heart disease and is on Pimobendan. What is Pimobendan?
Do you know of a cheaper source for the drug carvedilol?
Can dogs take ibuprofen for arthritis?
Can a 13-year-old dog start taking heartworm medication for the first time?
What is a keratolytic shampoo for dogs?
What are antibacterial shampoos?
Have you had experience with Ethos Endymion Bright Eyes Drops for Pet Cataracts?
Is this dose of cephalexin okay for my dog?


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