Can a microchip cause my puppy to be in pain?

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I have just had my eleven week old puppy microchipped at the same time he has had his second lot of injections, I have got him home and he isn’t himself, he is shaking whimpering and just laying on the sofa looking very sorry for himself, I wondered if he will suffer side effects or if something is wrong?


Phillippa Marco


You wrote asking if a microchip would cause your puppy to be in pain. I’ve seen lots of microchips placed and the pain is like an injection – instantaneous, brief and generally quite very minor.

However, it is possible that one pet be more sensitive to it than others. Some dogs will be tired or a little sore after their vaccines. If it persists, I would worry that there could be something else going on. Make sure your puppy eats and drinks well and see if you can engage him or her in play. If you continue to have concerns – make sure you call your veterinarian.

Good luck!

Dr. Debra

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