Can a poorly fitting e-collar cause an infection?

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Dear Dr. Debra,

I was searching the internet for answers to a questions about post-operative infections in dogs when I came across an article on your website, Postoperative Complications in Dogs. I was hoping that you might be able to help answer, or point me in the direction of an answer, to the following questions.Can an incorrect fitting of an e-collar (for example, the collar is too small and the dog is able to lick the wound-site) lead to a post-operative infection?If so, is there a way to tell that an infection at the wound site was caused by the dog licking the wound?Can help you can provide me with would be hugely appreciates.Thank you,

Carter Cochran


Hi Carter – thanks for your email. You asked if a poorly fitted e-collar could cause an infection.

Some dogs will get infections and we never know why. Licking can certainly exacerbate and possibly even cause an infection. If the e-collar doesn't do its job and a dog licks – then it is possible that an infection could occur.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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