Can eating cardboard be dangerous to dogs?

Our question this week was:

Is eating cardboard dangerous? My dog loves toeat it and tear it up.


Jason Beans


Thanks for your question. There is nothing in most general cardboard that is “toxic” but it is not a good idea for your dog to eat it. If ingested, it is possible that it could cause a gastric or intestinal obstruction that would have the potential to be life threatening.

One thing I’d wonder is if he is bored. Maybe that is just his way of playing and he found out that tearing up cardboard is fun.

Make sure you have plenty of play time with him and that you provide other chew toys such as the Kong® type dogs that are very durable. Also – puzzle type toys could work with your dog – a toy that he needs to figure our or get a kibble out of. That could keep him interested and occupied. Ensure that he has enough exercise as well.

This article might help you – go to Dog Toys: How to Figure Out What Your Dog Likes Best.


Dr. Debra

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