Can garden hose water give dogs cancer?

Can garden hose water give dogs cancer?

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In reading your article on cancer in dogs, and having had 2 labs die of cancer a few years ago, I felt it important to let you know that garden hoses are finally being labeled as “not for drinking”, unless otherwise printed on the label all garden hoses contain high levels of free carcinogens. I have told many friends, now you have the opportunity to tell thousands, stop watering your pets with the common garden hose, it may cost them their lives.


Jann Littleton


Hi Jann– thanks for your email. I have not heard of garden hoses defiantly causing problems in dogs or cats but your warning is appropriate. This is not an area that has been well examined or studied in pets however I believe problems are possible.

Garden hose dangers have been associated with cancer, lead toxicity and birth defects in humans. Many hoses now come with a warning in find print that say “do not drink water from this hose.”

If you have an outdoor pet, fill the water from a regular faucet. I’d also recommend not using the garden hose to fill water bowls but instead also using a faucet. Thanks for your email and bringing this to our attention. I’ll share your email with our users and add it to our database in hopes we spread the word.


Dr. Debra

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