Can I give beer to my dog?

Our question this week was:

Can I give beer to my dog? I was having a party …and my dog was thirsty, so I gave him some beer…. now he seems to be kind of dizzy, bumping with walls, tables, chairs… what do I do?

Frank A.


You know, I wasn't going to answer this question. I was appalled by someone actually giving his or her dog beer and sending a question like this to me. Why would you give a dog beer?

In answer to your question…. dogs can absorb alcohol just as we do and become "drunk" which is what it sounds like your are describing in your dog. Toxicity occurs when an excessive amount is ingested, and can cause a wide variety of signs, including death.

In my opinion, you don't deserve to have a dog and it should be taken away from you.

Dr. Debra

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