Can you use a muzzle to control barking?

Our question this week was:

Dr. Debra – my neighbor put a muzzle on their dog to control barking. I think this is wrong. What do you think? He is an outdoor dog and has the muzzle on all the time. I guess it must be loose enough for him to eat and drink because he isn't loosing weight.


Jason – Hobart, Texas


Hi – thanks for your email Jason. A muzzle should NOT be used to control barking. No, No, No. I think that is inhumane. There are other ways to deal with barking. I realize this isn't your dog or your job – but the owner should read Barking in Dogs.

I know dealing with neighbors can be tricky. If you feel comfortable talking to them, print the article and talk to them. If you feel you can't, contacting the humane society is a good option. Let them deal with it.

They need to find other alternatives to a muzzle for their barking dog. If they can't, then the dog probably needs another home. That is my opinion.


Dr. Debra

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