Can you use Gelatin on a dog To Stop Bleeding of a Wound?

Our question this week was:

We don’t have a vet readily accessible. Can I use a dry powder of gelatin (the stuff for making Jello) will it work or is it toxic? I want to use it on a bleeding open sore.


Alex M.


Dear Alex, Thanks for your question. It sounds like your dog has a bleeding open sore and you want to know if you can use gelatin to stop bleeding of an open sore or if it toxic.

First, I don’t believe gelatin is toxic however, it is not recommend for bleeding or an open sore. There is also the added risk of infection t a wound by putting a foreign material in a wound.

If your dog has an open sore that is bleeding – I’d recommend that you take your dog to a veterinarian to identify the underlying cause. I don’t know if the blood is part of an infection e.g. from a bite wound or abscess or from something else.

Most likely your vet will clip the hair around the wound, clean out the wound with an antiseptic, place a drain if it is deep or extensive, possibly bandage it (depending on lots of factors) and possibly prescribe antibiotics is there is evidence of infection.

A couple article that might be useful are – Bite Wounds in Dogs , Pyoderma in Dogs (Skin infection) or Bleeding in Dogs.

Good luck!

Dr. Debra

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