Choosing safe toys

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How do I choose a safe toy for my puppy?

When considering toys for your puppy, keep this in mind: If it can be swallowed, it is dangerous. The curious nature of a puppy’s behavior encourages them to explore their environment with their mouth. It is important to stay away from any toy that may be a choking hazard or swallowing hazard. Toys that can be swallowed can cause a “foreign body” which means the object becomes lodged in the intestinal tract and may require a surgical procedure to be removed.

Stay away from toys with small parts or toys that have pieces that may become dislodged during a playful romp. The same is true for small balls, yarn, ribbon, tassels, and bells. Check toys for glued-on decorations or trim. Also, make sure they are not made of a toxic substance. All of these can cause severe injury to your curious pet.

Choose a size that can not be swallowed and consider this may change as your puppy grows. Choose materials that can not be chewed up as a puppy may swallow the pieces of a chewed up toy.

One of our favorite toys are “Kong” toys in which you can hide a treat inside which keep a puppy busy for hours. They are nearly indestructible, provide a great diversion, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Our question this week came from Sally M, Sydney Australia.

Dr. Debra

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