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Do Dogs and Cats Think Differently?

Do dogs and cats think differently? You bet they do. In some ways, they can be like men and women. Yes, I am speaking in general terms, but I think most of us agree that there are some differences in how men think vs. how women think. I think the same is true with dogs and cats.

One of our writers took a fun and creative look at “How Dogs Think Versus How Cats Think”.

She put her thoughts in writing and every time I read them it makes me smile. Here they are:

From the Dog’s Perspective

I knock myself out to please the leader of my pack. Day in and day out, I follow his lead; sit when I’m told to sit; eat when he lets me eat; sleep where he tells me to sleep; and go to the bathroom when he’s ready to take me for a walk.

And what do I ask from him in return? Just being able to shower my Leader with affection and attention, and to receive praise (and a few belly rubs) for a job well done. But my housemate, the cat, has absolutely no responsibilities.

From the Cat’s Perspective

He’s at it again. The barking. That constant barking during my daily naps. I don’t know what I dislike most about that dog – the barking, the foreign scent everywhere, his freakish need for approval and attention … or the baffling desire to eat my food and play in my litter box. Just what is he trying to prove?

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