Do You Feed Your Dog Table Scraps? See How You Compare

Do you feed your dog table scraps or leftovers? Some people do and some don't. How do you compare? If you haven't taken our poll, please take it now. Go to: Table Scrap Poll.

Personally, I found the results surprising. 24 percent said they never fed scraps or leftovers to their dogs and 31 percent said yes, they do it all the time. The remaining 45 percent said they occasionally fed table scraps or leftovers.

Yes, occasionally 44.47%

No, never 24.30%

Yes, all the time 31.23%

One VERY important thing I'd like to point out is that some human food is dangerous to pets – and you might be surprised to find out what those foods are. To see which foods are dangerous to give to your pet, go to Dangerous Foods: Learn What's Harmful to Dogs.

As a reminder, there is nothing in human foods that pets need if you are feeding a high quality balanced diet.