Do you have any advice on how to become a veterinarian?

Our question this week was:

Hi Dr. Debra – I'm only 11 but I want to be a veterinarian. Do you have advice?

Bailey Blev


Hi Bailey– thanks for your email. You wrote that you are 11-years-old and want to be a veterinarian. That is great news. We need good individuals entering the profession.

My advice is this. Do these five things:

When I say work with pets – It is very important to understand the profession that you want to enter. This will be important as you interview for veterinary school and as you enter the career. You can do this by volunteering at the local shelter or getting a part time job walking pets or cleaning cages at your local veterinary hospital.

Plan where you want to go to college relative to where there is a veterinary school. Choose and undergraduate degree (if possible) that will allow you to enter or work in a field you also enjoy (in the case that you don't continue school or you can work in that field to make money while going to school). Planning ahead will help you maximize your education by minimizing unnecessary transfer and repeat courses (not all courses transfer and may be eligible for pre-veterinary requirements).

An article that might be helpful to you is How to Become a Veterinarian.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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