Do you like the GPS for Dogs?

Do you like the GPS for Dogs?

Our question this week was:

Do you like the GPS for Dogs?

Maria Peters


Hi – thanks for your email. There are some models of the dog GPS that seem to have some good features. I don't actually own one and however, I've read about them and think that they are interesting "gadgets". They would make a great Father's Day present for some guys!

From what I read, the features to look for in a GPS include:

  • Reliability – The Garmin brand seems to be pretty reliable
  • Warranty – get the max or considering charging on a credit card that will double the manufacturers warranty
  • Dog location – should show dogs orientation and location
  • Distance signal will track – some go a couple miles to five miles. Consider what you need.
  • Dogs status – some will show the dogs status such as if he is running or sitting
  • Waterproof –a must!
  • Sends updates to your computer, PDA or Cell – good if this feature is important to you
  • Monitors pets environmental temperature so you know if your pet is "hot" or cold


    Dr. Debra

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