Does a Dremel tool work to trim dog’s nails?

Does a Dremel tool work to trim dog’s nails?

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Our question this week was:

Have you ever used a Dremel type tool to trim a dogs nails? What is the difference between Drummel and Dremel?



Hi – thanks for your email. Yes, I have used a drummel or dremel type tool to trim a dogs nails. In fact, we at recently tested a tool called Pedi-paws that works very well. You asked about the difference between Drummel or Dremel. I think they are the same. From what I could tell – when I search for the word Drummel – it takes me to dremel. I asked a handyman and he told me that a drummel tool is a generic term for a rotary oscillating tool. The term Dremel is a brand of tools. Some people seem to use the terms interchangeably but I think Dremel is the correct term.

There are pet nail grinders styled after these tools that include a protective plastic shell around the sandpaper grinder that allows a pet nail to enter and thus be grounded or shortened.

An article that might be helpful to you is How to Trim Your Dogs Nails with a Nail Grinder.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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