Does a plastic dry dog food container pose risks?

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Since the pet food scare, I will admit I have been paranoid about feeding my 2 dogs anything. Luckily they have been eating Pedigree, both hard and soft for many months now, so they should be safe. However I am now concerned about the container I store their dry dog food in.

It is specially designed to hold dry food, and of course it's plastic. Up to now there hasn't been a problem, and neither dog is showing symptoms. Our bulldog does have a pre-existing neurological condition that she takes meds for which would make it difficult to know if she
is being affected.Should we be concerned about storing their dry food in this container? We have been using it for about a year now, but let's face it, it is plastic. So, should I pitch it or keep using it? I wonder if anyone else has had the same question and concerns I'm asking.

Lori Colby – Cambridge, OH


Hi – thanks for your email. Very interesting question. I never thought of that. I did some research and didn't come up with anything. From what I can tell, Melamine is used in the production of many plastics. The problem is when it is ingested.

Storage containers, bowls and other plastics (even toys), should be safe as long as pets are not eating them.

Gosh, when you think about all the plastic and how we store OUR food, how food is packaged and stored, we would really be in trouble if that was the case.

Thanks for an interesting question.

An article that might be helpful to you is on our is "How is Melamine Used?


Dr. Debra

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