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Does Your Dog Really Need Vaccines?

Vaccines are a very important part of your dog’s routine healthcare. They help protect both puppies and adults from dangerous and even deadly diseases, and they can help extend your pets’ lives. Getting them may seem like a chore, but they really can make a huge difference.

Do you know what a vaccine is and how it’s made? It’s OK if not, lots of people don’t. You can find out here: What is a Vaccine?

Many deadly diseases are fully preventable when the appropriate vaccines are given. This is a big reason why so many vets consider some of them necessary. Do you know what vaccines your dog needs? Read a typical list at: Vaccine Recommendations for Your Dog.

If you’re still “on the fence” about vaccines, here is a good article on the subject by The Irreverent Veterinarian – who ALWAYS speaks the truth, even if it’s controversial. Get their take on this important subject at Irreverent Vet Speaks Out: The Irreverent Vet Speaks out on “What Vaccines Does Your Dog Really Need?”

One more point I’d like to make – Vaccines ARE crucial for puppies.
Please read: Puppy Vaccine Recommendations.