Dog having flatulence

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Can you tell me what can cause a horrible odor when a dog has a bowel movement and when they pass gas that smells so bad. What can cause this? She is a 7-months-old Golden retriever and I am feeding her nutro-natural choice-lamb and rice. I feed my 2 yr old golden the same.


Nancy Stabley


Hi – thanks for your email. If there stools are normal and you dog is otherwise healthy, it may be no problem – just "gas".

Gas is also called "flatulence". It is most often produced by foods that are high in polysaccharides. There are several digestive processes that take place but essentially bacteria will feed on certain substances in the digestive tract producing gas. It can also be caused by dogs that eat too quickly and swallow a lot of air. Flatulence can be normal. However, I realize that it can be annoying and even embarrassing.

Just like with people, certain foods often agree with some people more than others. I see the same thing happen with dogs. There are certain foods that some dogs have a bigger problem digesting – including some vegetables, beans, potatoes, cheese, yeasts and milk products. Some dogs even digest some dog foods better than others.

Some pet owners just "tolerate" it. If you can't, some things you can do include:

If your dog is having any abnormalities, see your veterinarian to ensure there is no underlying problem such as parasites.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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