Dog Symptoms for Dummies

Dog Symptoms for Dummies

Dog Symptoms for Dummies

Okay, "Dog Symptoms for Dummies" may sound a little harsh. I don't mean to call anyone a mean name…that is certainly not the case.

There are many "For Dummies" books on the market today which are written for the "average Joe or Jane", individuals without extensive knowledge in that topic. They give you easy instructions on everything from using computers to doing home improvements. So, since many pet owners do not know the medical terminology for some symptoms and problems, I decided to create a guide to dog symptoms that was easy like the "Dummies" books.

Sometimes it's surprising to see how differently vets and clients can describe the same thing. For example, I've had clients look at me like I was from a distant planet when I asked if their dog had been vomiting. After seeing their blank stares, I say, "You know, throwing up." Recently I had a client who still looked at me in confusion then asked, "Do you mean puking?"

Some people are very comfortable with terms like "defecating", "regurgitating" and "lameness." Others just aren't familiar with those terms or might think they mean something else. For them, vets need to talk about "pooping", "puking" and "having trouble walking."

Well, today I want to help. PetPlace has a large library of information about many pet problems and many of the medical terms are a bit confusing. We took those articles and created a "library" renamed with some common terms. Our goal is to help you get the information that is going to help your dog – no matter what you call the condition.

I hope this list does that for you. Go to: Guide to Dog Symptoms

If your dog has any problem – limping, lameness, trouble walking, whatever you call it – go to this list and click on the problem. It will take you to an article to tell you why your cat may be doing that and what you can do to help. This is a great way to gather information before visiting the vet.

I hope you find this helpful in teaching you a little more about dog symptoms and common problems.

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