Dog toys – Can they be cleaned?

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I was wondering if dog toys can be cleaned or if I should just buy new toys. If they can be cleaned, how and what should be used?

Amy N.


Hi – thanks for your email. Good question. The short answer is yes, most toys can be cleaned, depending on what they are and the specific materials they are made from.

Toys, such as Kong type toys, that are made of durable hard rubber can be washed with soap and water and rinsed well. They can even be run through the dishwasher. Frisbee and other hard plastic toss toys, can also be washed with soap and water.

Most stuffed toys can be washed in the washer and allowed to air dry. Some toys can disintegrate in the washer depending on the quality. Check the toy carefully for signs of fraying before giving it to your dog to ensure he can't ingest any loose pieces.

If your toys show a lot of wear and has loose pieces – it is best to toss them out and buy new toys.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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