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A dog treat killed my dog – please be careful!

Our question this week was:

I am writing you about the tragic death of my daughter’s 18-month-old Pomeranian this past Friday. Little Lola died when a treat became lodged in her throat. The treat is triangular in shape and has only been on the market since January of this year. Please! Perhaps an article on the hidden dangers of pet treats will help save other pets’ lives. My daughter and I want this warning to be Lola’s Legacy. I put together a short video to send this message to all pet lovers. At your request, I will be happy to forward it to you.


Deb Kruczek

Hi – thanks for your email Deb. I’ve very sorry to hear about little Lola. That had to be an awful experience. I have seen dog treats become lodged in throats causing problems in other dogs.

The dog treat company that makes “Greenies” has been very proactive in trying to educate clients on choosing the right sized treat. Many times problems occur from dogs getting the wrong sized treats and choosing the right size may not always be obvious.

An article that might be interesting to you is Are Greenies Safe for Your Dog. This article talks about problems with treats and size recommendations.

I hope your email will educate some other owner about the dangers and prevent a problem in their dog. Thanks for your email.

Dr. Debra