Found a four year old dog, What should I do?

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Please help me, I have found a four year old dog, wondering in the streets, and she has no owner, nor any vaccination. What do I do? Fortunately she does not have any diseases. All shots required at a young age, but this dog was a stray, she has no current vaccinations… Please help.


Peter Nguyen


Hi – thanks for your email. Well, what you do with this dog will depend on a few factors. Do you want to keep him? Do you want to find him a home?

At a minimum you can take him to the local dog shelter and let them determine her health. If they think she is adoptable, they will give her whatever vaccinations she needs and make sure she is spayed.

If you want to keep her, I'd recommend that you take him or her to your local veterinarian. Adult dogs without vaccines can easily be vaccinated. They generally need two sets of shots about 3 to 4 weeks apart. Your vet can also look for any underlying health problems.

An article that might be helpful for you is Pet Care Recommendations for Your Dog. It will help you determine what a normal dog needs to stay healthy.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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