Home Remedy for a Laceration

Our website has a "home care" series of articles. This is not to replace the advice and consultation of your veterinarian but I see a lot of pets whose well-intentioned owners do the wrong thing simply because they didn't know any better. We think this home care series is important and we want to expand these tips to cover all of the common problems affecting dogs.

Here are some of the most popular articles in this series. Check them out.

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Today I want to tell you about another good article – Dogs with a Cut or Laceration. This is probably one of the most common reasons dogs go to the vet for a medical problem. There are lots of causes for lacerations. Most commonly the lacerations are trauma induced or the result of bite wounds. It is common for a dog to come in from the yard with a cut on the paw or leg. When this happens, the cause is unknown (but often a sharp nail or object in the yard is to blame).

If you are at home and this happens to your dog – what do you do? What medication can you give? What is safe? What is dangerous? This article will answer your questions. Go to: Home Care for the Dog with a Laceration

I recommend that you print this article and keep it handy because you never know when you will need it.

I hope this helps keep your dog healthy. Remember bite wounds or sharp objects in the yard or garage are often to blame for lacerations. Routinely survey the perimeter of your yard for problems.