How do we Deal with Separation Anxiety in our Dog?

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I have a dog named Bella. We call her our child with fur, which should tell you that she is pretty spoiled. I can't leave her alone in our condo because she will eat her way out of the door to be with us. I think you might call it anxiety separation. I'm going to have to get a job soon and I don't know what to do with her. I have a cage for her, but when I put her in there she barks. Is there a way to teach her to stay home alone with out eating the front door? Please help!


Brenda – Bakersfield, California


Hi Brenda – thanks for your email. Separation anxiety can be a very difficult problem for some dog owners. I have some really good articles about canine separation anxiety for you to read.

These articles are written by two wonderful behaviorists. Go to Assessing Canine Separation Anxiety and Separation Anxiety in Dogs.

These articles talk about the cause, presentation and treatments. There is no one easy solution. It is it important that you start NOW. This isn't something you want to start working on when you get your new job.

In general, obedience training is a start. I really think this article will help you. Check this article out and see what you think. You can always consult with a behaviorist if needed.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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