How many times per day should a 5-month-old dog be fed?

Our question this week was:

Our question this week was: I have a 5-month-old west highland terrier, how many times a day should she be fed? She is not having regular meals cause she seems to hungry different times of the day. Some days she will eat about 8 am other times she won’t eat until 3pm in the afternoon. – Julie M.


Hi – thanks for your email Julie. You wrote asking how often your 5-month-old Westie should be fed? At this age –you should feed twice a day. Then you can go to once a day feeding when he reaches a year old.

The question is – do you want to feed free choice, limited time feeding or once daily meals. I have a good article that explains the differences. Go to: Feeding Your Dog – Canned or Dry And How Often?

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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