How to prevent jumping in dogs?

Our question this week was:

What is the best way to get my puppy not to jump up on guests?

This is a common problem. You basically need to teach a new behavior, that is "NOT" to jump. The first step is to make sure everyone in your house is involved in the plan and that the "training" is consistent. The only reaction to your dog's jumping should be no reaction. Everyone should remain utterly silent, averting their gaze and adopting an indifferent posture. Provide positive reinforcement when your dog does not jump. Persistent attempts to jump can be corrected by saying, "OFF," walking your dog briskly in a circle, then telling him to sit (followed by a reward).

You should read the following article Teaching Your Dog Not to Jump for full instructions. Good luck!

Our question this week came from Kristen A. in Dallas Texas.

Dr. Debra

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