How to Remove Pet Stains (and Odor) – For Good!

When you've got pets, you've got stains and odors. There's no escaping it. Your rugs and furniture take a real beating from urine, diarrhea and vomit. I know mine sure do.

Recently a client brought her dog Peanut into the clinic with a severe case of diarrhea. Peanut's owner told me that she had just gotten new wall-to-wall carpeting in her home – and now it was ruined because Peanut's diarrhea stains wouldn't come out.

As dog owners, pet stains are something we've all experienced. It can be really frustrating, especially because those "accidents" seem to happen in the worst possible places – like on a light-colored sofa or in the middle of your living room carpet.
We've all been there, so I could really feel this woman's pain.

There are a lot of problems with pet stains. You need to treat them as quickly as possible before they "set" or discolor the area. And if you don't get the odor out too, your dog may come back and soil the same area again. Finally, you've got to consider your pet's safety. The cleaner you use must be non-toxic and pet safe so your dog will not be poisoned by licking his paws after walking on the spot.

My staff and I keep up with all the latest pet industry news and trends, and recently we learned about an award-winning pet stain remover called Fizzion that industry experts were just raving about. Pet Product News gave this product its top honor – the 2009 Editors' Choice Award. And Modern Dog magazine named it the Best New Product in their "Under $20" category.

The industry buzz about Fizzion was so good that we decided to see for ourselves. We bought it and tried it on several pet stains – including one nasty stain that was two years old. We could barely believe it when that old stain – and all the others – just disappeared before our eyes!

Fizzion is amazing. It treats stains and odors in a revolutionary new way – removing all traces of stain and odor. And it works on all protein-based pet stains – diarrhea, vomit, urine … you name it. It even works on common household stains like red wine, coffee and chocolate. Fizzion is a "green" product that is safe for humans, pets and the environment. So you don't have to worry if your dog licks or sniffs it. The other nice thing about Fizzion is that it comes in tablet form – you dilute the tablet in water to make the solution, which means you can control this product's shelf life. (Once it's mixed, it lasts a full year.)

I told Peanut's owner about Fizzion and suggested she give it a try. The following week she called me at the clinic to thank me for recommending the product. She was so excited and said her new rugs looked brand new again.

Zero Odor and Fizzion are two very good stain and odor removers.