I believe in pet insurance, do you?

Our question this week was:

I believe all pets should have medical insurance because they get sick the same as humans. If your pet gets sick it is expensive to have it treated therefore it pays off in the end. If you love them it's well worth it. What do you think?


Mary Kramp


Hi Mary

Thanks for your email. I agree with you.

I am a believer in pet insurance. Providing good medical care for pets can be very expensive. What I tell clients is this – if it would be difficult or impossible to afford an unexpected large pet expense (such as a $2,000 or $5,000) bill AND you want the best for your pet – then I'd consider pet insurance.

I've seen many pets with medical problems receive treatment and live long happy lives that would have otherwise been euthanized due to finances. Pet insurance allows the pet owner to make the best decisions for their pet without worrying about the financial aspects. It also is satisfying to me as a veterinarian. I get to do the best I can for the pets without having to cut corners.

Thanks for your comment!

Dr. Debra

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