Is It OK for People to Use Food Stamps for Pet Food?

I read a story about a Pennsylvania man that was denied food stamps for his service dog.

According to the article, the state welfare agency had DENIED the man additional food stamp support for his service dog, and a Pennsylvania appeals court upheld that ruling.

The dog owner is a 55-year-old disabled, unemployed veteran who lives alone with his service dog. The man relies on his service dog to pull his wheelchair and to bring things to him.

The man applied for additional food stamp support to help feed his dog and he was denied because the state ruled that animals do not qualify for food stamps. So pet food may not be purchased with food stamps.

In this case, the disabled veteran felt that an exception should be made – his dog is a working dog that assists him in his daily life, and the dog requires supplemental nutrition because of all the work the dog does for him.

Should working dogs be eligible for food stamps in situations like these? Should all food stamp recipients be allowed to use food stamps for pet food? These are good questions. And I'm sure there are some very strong opinions on both sides of this issue.

What do you think?

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