Is there a dog breed with no doggie smell?

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Dr. Debra – is there a dog with no doggie smell? When I was young I had a dog that constantly stunk! Seriously. I’d love to get a dog but I want one that doesn’t stink.


Sarah M.


Hi – thanks for your email. You wrote asking what dog breeds don’t have a doggie smell or dogs that are less likely to smell.

All dogs have the potential to have some odor but there are some breeds that are known to have more of a doggie smell than others. For example, dogs that are outdoors only tend to have more of a doggie smell, especially if they get wet, dogs that drool a lot, or have frequent ear or skin infections. For some reason – Basset hounds, beagles, ,bulldogs, shar peis, cocker spaniels can have more of a doggie odor. Also, some dogs “roll” in decayed materials that can also add an odor.

Dogs with minimal doggie odor could be…, Bichon fries, Pomeranians, King Charles cavalier spaniels, Bedlington terrier, maltese, and poodle breed dogs, These dogs have a relatively minimal odor as long as their coat and ears are healthy.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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