Is There a Lactose Free Milk for Pets?

Is There a Lactose Free Milk for Pets?

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My friend gives their dog a lactose free milk product – is it safe? Have you heard of it?

Bee Morgan


Hi Bee, – thanks for your email.

As you may have heard, dairy products are not highly dangerous but can pose problems for two reasons. One is their high fat content and like other foods with high fat content, there is a risk of pancreatitis. The second reason is that pets poorly digest dairy products since they lack the enzyme required to digest lactose. This affects some pets more than others, and can cause gas to diarrhea. Small amounts of plain yogurt or cheese are tolerated by most dogs but it is probably safest to avoid dairy products altogether.

There is a new product on the market that is a lactose-free milk product called Milk-O-Pet. It's a milk product without the side effects associated with the traditional lactose containing milk.

Milk-O-Pet is a lactose free milk developed with veterinary nutritionists as a balanced treat for dogs. Dogs seem to love it and it provides electrolytes and balanced nutrients unlike many other treats on the market. Pet owners use it as a treat as well as for sick pets. They have found that MilkOpet may increase the amount of liquids a dog consumes when the dog is not getting enough hydration on its own.

For more information, go to:

Thanks for your question!

Dr. Debra

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