My Brother-in-Law Whispered, “What’s That Smell?”

I have to tell you a story. My friend had moved recently and was holding an open house party to celebrate. Lots of people showed, and she thought it was going really well… until her brother-in-law came up to her and whispered, “What’s that smell?” Well, she just froze up in embarrassment. She knew exactly what “smell” he was talking about, and she wondered if everyone else at the party could smell it too.

The day before her big party, her dog had had an accident on the living room rug. The dog had been inside all day so the urine was very concentrated and it smelled REALLY bad. Thinking about her party the next day, my friend began to panic. She scrubbed the spot clean and sprayed it like crazy with an air freshener. You can imagine her relief when the spot and the awful smell disappeared. But now, in the middle of her wonderful party, the smell was back! She knew it wasn’t the dog’s fault but now that she knew the odor was there she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“Debra,” she asked, “How this could have happened?” The smell was GONE when I was done cleaning!” She really thought she had gotten rid of it when all of a sudden there it was again, and at the worst possible time. Was the carpet ruined? Since I’m a veterinarian she thought I’d have the answers, and luckily I did.

The smell came back because no amount of scrubbing, spraying or praying can get rid of the urine salt deposits in the carpet. No matter what she did, they were there to stay – and would keep causing odor. Have you ever cleaned an area only to have the odor return? That’s because heat, activity, and humidity reactivate those salts and cause the odor to come back with a vengeance. My friend had been baking and cooking all day for her party so all the moisture and heat (as well as activity) triggered the release of unpleasant odor molecules in the salts.

My friend got so upset at this point. She thought she would have to totally replace her carpet. Happily I had a solution, and I was quick to let her know that it would be OK. I told my friend about a product I use called ZeroOdor. It bonds with these odor molecules and “deactivates” them, so the urine smell really is gone for good. There’s nothing like it… and trust me, I’ve tried everything!

According to a recent poll, many pet owners feel that their pet is the number one source of odor in their home. We love our pets so much, but you have to admit that the smells can be really embarrassing. I’m sharing this story with you today I’ve never met a pet lover who didn’t have to deal with odor at some point. None of us wants to find ourselves in a situation like my friend.

By the way – Pets ranked first on the list of household odors. Check out what else made the list:

1. Garbage
2. Cooking/food
3. Cigarette smoke
4. Dirty linens, clothing, shoes, carpets, etc.
5. Mildew and bacteria
6. Sewage smells from drainage
7. Dead rodents & pests
8. Dirty vents/poor ventilation