My Cat Lucy Talks A lot – Please Help

Here is a question from Elisabeth about her talkative kitty Luci.

Hey there! I have a four month old kitty, her name is Luci. I’ve had her since she was 11 weeks and 5 days.. She is at all times quiet happy, hyper and seems to be quiet satisfied with both me and my (well, OUR) home. Just to mention: I suffer from ADHD, which means my mood can change quiet fast, and suddenly I can explode in anger (I have NEVER hurt her though, no way!

But I do get quiet angry with her when she’s doing things she does know is not allowed). So, to the point though – she talks A LOT! And I am indeed trying to understand what on Earth she’s trying to tell me, but as I say to my mum: “I don’t speak Catish”. I get a feeling that it is for attention, but I don’t know what kind of attention. And it does stress me, ’cause I’m constantley worrying about her being in pain or some sort of agony. I love her so much, but is there any way for me to understand her? I really need some advice, I want to give her the best life I can.



It sounds like you are a good friend to Luci. I have a couple articles for you that may help.

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Some cats do talk a lot. As long as she is eating, drinking, urinating normally, having normal bowel movements and is playful – I think it is ok. She may be trying to get attention.

Read the above articles and see what you think. I hope this article helps you understand what Luci is saying and more about talkative cat behavior.


Dr. Debra