My dog had knee surgery and the wound is gaping

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Dr. Debra – My dog had ACL knee surgery on Monday (4 days ago) and when my husband got home from work – the wound is open. There is actually suture hanging out of the wound and several sutures and staples are missing. Is there something I can do at home?


Jim H.


Hi – thanks for your email Jim. You wrote that your dog’s suture line is open after having knee surgery 4 days go. I’d recommend that you call your vet and take him in. In the mean time, make sure he doesn’t lick or chew on it. Ideally, a sterile bandage should cover it until your vet can evaluate it and close it.

If your vet is closed – go to your local emergency clinic. There is a chance if left open that it could get infected. I’m sure you spent a lot of time and money on this surgery and I would not risk the consequences of leaving it open.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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