My dog is not eating, or having a bowel movement

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My dog hasn't eaten or had a bowel movement in 9 days, but he drinks water and urinates everyday. I think something is blocking him from having a bowel movement, and he's weak and losing weight. The problem is I don't have the means to take him to the vet, so I'm at my wits end. Can you help me?


Deanna Coney


Hello. I'm sorry to hear about your problem. It sounds serious. If your dog hasn't eaten or had a bowel movement for 9 days – that is really serious! This is life-threatening. I don't really worry about him being "blocked". If he is not eating, he isn't going to have anything come out.

I'm sorry you don't have the means but it is unfair to your dog to let him go on like this. You really need to have him checked or he is going to die (if he hasn't already). Pet ownership is a responsibility that should be taken seriously.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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