dog just ate bread

My dog just ate a loaf of bread and some rolls – what should I do?

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My dog just stole a loaf of bread and some rolls from pantry and ate them all — should I give him anything to aid in digestion?


Carla Sochacki


Hi – thanks for your email Carla. You wrote that your dog just ate a loaf of baked bread and some rolls. A few things come to mind. First of all – you probably want to know is bread toxic?

Baked bread is not toxic, however – some dogs can get a very distended abdomen and become very unconformable. Some dogs will actually develop Gluttony Bloat from over eating. Sometimes, dogs will require treatment with drugs that induce vomiting.

Unbaked bread can be more dangerous as the yeast rising can cause problems in some dogs.

The second concern I have is did your dog just eat the bread or did he also eat the wrapper? Ingestion of the wrapper can cause a foreign body obstruction in dogs (they can’t pass it which could cause major problems that may require surgery).

I’d recommend that you call your vet – tell them how much your dog weights, when he ate it, if he ate the wrapper and how much he ate. They can guide you on if you should worry. For example – if the ingestion was recent (within 2 hours) and he ate the wrapper – they may have you induce vomiting at home to get it out of his stomach.

Otherwise – if he just ate tons of bread, there is nothing you can do to aid his digestion. He may just need more time. Make sure that he eats, drinks and acts normally. If you have concerns, call your vet. Some dogs will vomit after over eating so he may solve the problem for you.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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