My dog was shot

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My dog was shot, and she has a place under her stomach that's swollen and bloodshot. I have been giving her a shot of penicllin everyday to every other day. I need to know how much penicillin I can give her on a day to day basis and for how long.


We are sorry to hear your dog was shot. I'd give the dose as prescribed by your veterinarian when they examined her. Here is a link to our drug article on penicillin which may be helpful.

Gunshot wounds can cause varying amounts of injury and tissue damage depending on the type of bullet and location of the wound. Maked sure you take your dog back for all recommended rechecks with your vet to ensure that she is healing normally. This article may also be helpful: Gunshot Injury in dogs.

Best of Luck!

Dr. Debra

Our question this week came from Jeana, in Douglas, Georgia.

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