Pets Can Be Dangerous

Pets can really hurt people. Badly. A while back I did a survey asking you if your dog has ever hurt you. If you haven't taken the survey – Take it now!

Over 75% of you said that your dog had injured you.

Pet-related injuries happen all the time. Let me pass along a few stories.

I went out with some friends on a boat ride. It was a beautiful day. One of the people on the ride had a rather poorly mannered and rambunctious Labrador named Kerry. The dog about 18 months old but is more puppy than adult. While docking the boat, Kerry started running around and hit into one of the seniors on the boat. When the dog knocked her down the woman tried to catch herself and she broke her wrist.

My friend Julie was getting ready to take her dog out one morning when she tripped over the dog and fell down the stairs. Julie broke her wrist.

These types of accidental injuries happen all the time.

I stopped to talk to someone that was out watering the yard when two golden retrievers on leashes came by. The dogs were very excited to see someone new and starting running all around. In the midst of this commotion, the dog circled the guy who was watering his yard wrapping the leash around him. The hose got tangled around the dog and as you may have already guessed, before it was all done 2 people were on the ground.

Our editor was running down the stairs when the cat got under her feet. Trying not to step on her kitty, she lost her balance and fell. She wound up with a broken foot.

Like I said, these things do happen all the time. The most common injuries are falls.


If you have an energetic dog, take extra special care – especially around seniors.