Questions Clients Ask About Stem Cell Therapy in Dogs

Questions Clients Ask About Stem Cell Therapy in Dogs

Sometimes my clients come in wanting to talk about a topic they have seen on the news. Usually it is nice to chat about happy pet stories, but the other day one of my clients was very concerned about something she read on a website.

“Dr. Debra,” she said, “I heard that some vets are now using stem cells from animals for medicine. Don’t you think that’s awful?”

Well, something didn’t sound right, so I looked into it. It turns out that the news story was easy to misunderstand, and the vets were actually using an animal’s own stem cells to help it recover from arthritis. It sounded pretty scary, but it’s actually really interesting! Do you know what stem cell therapy is used for in pets? Check out our great article.

I think you will find this information really interesting. Stem cell therapy is a new type of treatment that might help some animals get better quicker. If it keeps an animal from being in pain, I’m all for it. In fact – I’ve been doing it in my clinics and absolutely love it!

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