Screaming in crate

Our question this week was:

How can I get my puppy to stop screaming every time I put her in the kennel? I am working with crate training in order to potty train her and it is going very well.

She can hold her potty for a surprisingly long time and now goes to the door 75% of the time if she has to go out. The problem is when she is in the kennel for the night with all her toys and chews she will not stop screaming for hours.HELP! I'm losing so much sleep and patience with my new baby!

Amber Gack


Hi – thanks for your email. Gosh, I know this is a frustrating problem. I'm happy to hear you are crate training your puppy as that is a very effective way to housetrain your puppy. The behavior of crying or screaming while in the crate is from crate aversion. It is generally caused by the pup never being fully acclimated to the crate rendering it now aversive to your pup.

The crate should be a happy "refuge" that your puppy enjoys. Dr. Nick Dodman is a well known behaviorist and has written many wonderful articles on training and behavior on

Nick recommends; the following to prevent or deal with crate aversion:

*- Make the crate a comfortable and cozy place with padded bedding for the dog to lie on. Use bumpers around the side of the crate for the pup to lean on, and place a cover over the top if the crate is made of wire to add that den-like dimension.