Should I board my puppy?

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Should I board my puppy when leaving on vacation?

You have 2 options when you go on vacation. The first is to kennel your puppy and the second is to have a pet sitter watch him. There are advantages and disadvantages of both. A kennel is convenient but it is important to find a facility that you trust.

Make sure you provide clear instruction on what food your puppy should be fed and follow the kennels guidelines about taking toys and your pup's bedding. A good kennel will often walk and play with the puppies several times a day. Also, make sure your puppy is current on all vaccinations.

Having a pet sitter allows your pet to stay in his own environment and allows for your house to be watched too. A pet sitter that stays at your home is sure to give your pets plenty of attention. However, you have to find the right person! Make sure you provide good contact information in both instances in the case of an emergency.

You should read the following articles for information on both topics including Kenneling Your Dog and Getting a Pet Sitter.

Dr. Debra

Our question this week came from Brian and Sara H, San Diego, California.

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