The Weirdest Dog Emergencies

I've worked in veterinary emergency rooms for years and have had many first-hand experiences. Spending time in these emergency rooms has allowed me to give you the best and most useful information.

Well, today I have a strange one for you. I was talking to a couple of emergency veterinarian friends and asking them about the weirdest emergencies they have seen. That led to quite a discussion! I thought you might be interested in what I learned. Hopefully you can pick up some tips on how to prevent these problems in your pet.

1. Gorilla GlueGorilla Glue is a water-activated glue that expands like crazy when it comes into contact with liquid. When ingested, it expands in the pet's stomach and becomes a large, rock-hard mass. The only treatment is surgical removal of the glue. This can affect dogs or cats, but dogs are more apt to eat it.

2. Bowling pin stuck on the jaw – Believe it or not, a little Jack Russell terrier was attacking a bowling pin and it got stuck on his jaw!

3. Hit by a train – I'm happy to say this dog lived! (Yes, hard to believe but true.)

4. Hit by a car (pet traveling in a car) – This is more common than you might realize. Dogs and cats are often injured while riding in the car. This is especially common when the pet is not in a seatbelt and they are thrown in the car.

5. Dog ate tennis balls – Yes, this is true. A dog ate several tennis balls and came in because his belly was "big".

As you can tell, dogs eating and getting into things is a common problem. This emphasizes the need to really look around your home and be aware of all possible dangers.