Topical antibiotics for a puppy

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Two week old puppy has swollen neck noticed it was draining light yellow liquid. when mother licked at wound (spider bite no signs of scratch or open wound. puppy is eating and after mother licked area it drained almost down to no bump at all. advised to put a topical antibiotic need recommendation for one.


Deena Vidaurri


Hi – thanks for your email. Sorry to hear about your puppy. Your email said that your puppy had a bump that was draining light yellow liquid. It is hard to tell what the underlying cause was – weather it was a bite or traumatic wound. It sounds like the mother is cleaning it.

If you see signs of redness, swelling, more discharge or the puppy stops eating or is acting "sick" – I'd recommend that you take him to your local veterinarian for evaluation. He may need the wound clipped, cleaned and antibiotics. If it looks good and your vet recommended topical antibiotics – you can use the simple triple antibiotic topically. This is something you can get over-the-counter at your local pharmacy or drug store.

Best of luck,

Dr. Debra

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