What are seizure bells?

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Dr. Debra, my dog had 3 seizures yesterday – he is 2 ½ hear old Husky cross. This was the first time he ever had seizures. I took him to the local emergency clinic and they did blood work (they said it was normal) and kept him in the hospital for observation and to monitor for more seizures over night. When I just called to check on him – they said he was doing fine – but he did have one more seizure. They did he was resting fine with seizure bells. What does that mean?


Donna Campbell


Hi – thanks for your email. Donna – sorry to hear about your dog. You wrote that he started having seizures yesterday and was admitted to your local emergency clinic for observation. You asked what seizure bells are. Seizure bells are small little jingle bells (commonly used during the holidays on hats and such) that are placed on a collar or price of gauze and tied around a dog’s neck or leg. When a seizure starts – the bells jingle alerting staff to your pet’s seizure. They bells are harmless and most dogs don’t pay any attention to them.

A couple article that might be helpful to you are Seizures in Dogs and Epilepsy in Dogs.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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