What Can I Feed my Dog so his Poop Doesn’t Smell?

Our question this week was:

Is there something I can feed my dog so his poop doesn’t smell?


Jerry M. – Columbus Ohio


Dear Jerry, Thanks for your question. You wrote asking what can you feed your dog so his poop doesn’t smell. Interesting and good question with no good answer. Every dog deals with different foods a little…differently.

Some dogs will digest one type of food very well and another won’t. I suppose it is like people – some foods don’t agree with some people and are fine for others

Depending on how your dog digests the food – some food can create bowel movements that are quite stinky while another food won’t. The same food can affect 2 different dogs very differently as well – what may agree with one dog may not agree with another dog.

In general, the premium dog foods create smaller, fewer, and less stinky bowel movements. There is nothing you can feed you dog so they smell “good”.

I’d suggest trying a good quality premium food. If you change foods – do it gradually. Mix in some of the new food over a few days then switch.

Hill’s Science Diets, Iams or Eukanuba are all good quality premium foods.

Dr. Debra

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