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What Does it REALLY Cost to Own A Dog? Find Out!

What are the REAL Costs of Owning a Dog?

If you already have a dog, you are well aware that it comes with all kinds of hidden costs. Being a good “pet parent” is so much more than just the initial adoption or breeder fee and food.

There are so many other costs, from routine care and grooming to toys and boarding fees. Your furry friend’s needs can quickly add up to being a lot more financially draining than you first thought. That doesn’t even include any emergencies or health problems!

A chart I reviewed recently showed that you can expect to pay over $1,800 a year to care for a large dog and over $1,000 for a small one. If you extend that over the average lifespan of a dog, that is a staggering $20,000 investment for the average household dog…assuming they NEVER get sick.

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On that note, do you think that everyone deserves a pet…or only the people with enough disposable income to care for one? Tell us what you think at this poll:

It is easy to overlook the amount of money that goes into pet parenting when you’re only paying out a little at a time. Add up the numbers, though, and you see what a significant commitment it is. If you are taking the plunge and getting a dog for yourself, please remember to take all of these numbers into consideration and to make the right choice.

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