What Does Your Dog Think About You?

I am sometimes fascinated by the relationships certain pet owners have with their pets – aren't you?

What kind of relationship do you have with your dog? Is he your friend? Your child? Or is he just a pet? And what do you think your pet thinks about YOU?

I'd love to know. Take our Poll. Tell us about your relationship with your pet and find out what others think their pets think about them.

Also, take a minute to read the comments at the end of the poll. They were very good. One dog kept his owner safe from danger. Go to: https://petplace.uat.petpartners.com/polls.aspx?pi=287

Here is one of the comments from this poll – I think my German Shorthaired Pointer thinks I'm God. Or close to it. I am his world. Good thing I think similarly about him. Plus my other 2 dogs, they seem to see me as their leader but they mutiny now and then, when they think they can get away with it.

Read more – go to the end of the poll and click on comments.

The comments to this poll are very good. I hope you enjoy reading them!